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Josh Dickinson
Chief Revenue Officer

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Entrepreneur at heart and lover of the channel, I have successfully helped start 2 separate companies and taken to market. The thrill behind starting a company, building it, shaping it, evolving it to fit the needs of partners and agents, and THEN continue grinding until there is a REAL COMPANY with efficient processes, products that make impacts, and a value that is proven- that is what drives me.

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Physical Security as a Service (PhySaaS)  Physical Security as a Service (PhySaaS) PhySaaS provides organizations with a fully managed, hybrid cloud, building security platform with Al based protection and monitoring. PhySaaS offers Physical Security as a Service to customers that no longer want to pay upfront for hardware to secure facilities, people, and assets. Traditionally organizations purchase Cameras, Access Control and Sensors that are costly to maintain and would quickly become outdated within 3-5 years or less. PhySaaS allows customers to purchase Physical Security as a Service taking advantage of a 10-year warranty on hardware and automatic software updates with the latest and greatest in security features. Our monthly recurring charge (MRC) plan allows the...

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