About P2

Founder, Bill Patchett

Bill Patchett, CEO & Founder
History Rooted in Telecommunications and Cloud Services

For the last 18 years, P2 Telecom provided the most innovative, state-of-the-art telecommunications and cloud distribution services and solutions to all our valued clients in North America.  Our team in Stamford, CT, has earned the trust of many of the nation's leading telecommunications and cloud companies, developing relationships that are both mutually beneficial and are the driving force behind our success.

Committed to our Partners and Advisors

Our team is diligent and dedicated to supporting the needs of over 1,000 partners and advisors and is steadfast in our commitment and efforts to contribute to their ongoing overall success.  We provide partners with the latest updates and consultation on connectivity, cloud and software services that drive value for their customers and help them offer a complete technology portfolio.

Bringing Innovative Solutions to the Marketplace

We look for new and innovative industry sectors that help customers increase efficiency, reduce cost and improve security.  Our expertise has allow us to diversify our portfolio of services in energy, software, AI and other leading edge technology services.

Offering a New Way to Source & Purchase Services

Two years ago, we elected to affiliate with AppDirect, an organization that pioneered a B2B technology marketplace and ecosystem, driven through AppSmart, connecting technology buyers with expert advisors to make it easier to sell, buy, and manage telecommunications, cloud, and other critical business services.