bill patchettJetSmarter takes great pleasure in rolling out the red carpet for members who, like Bill, use our JetShuttles for all they’re worth in order to make the most of their time and objectives.

Home Port:                   New York City

Current Residence:      Stamford, Connecticut  

Travel Frequency:        7 flights since joining in January

Shuttle Route:              New York – Fort Lauderdale

As the proud Founder and CEO of P2 Telecom, Mr. Patchett is mindfully using his JetSmarter membership to optimize business operations – ironically enough, his is a business designed to streamline other companies’ operations for increased profitability.

Always keeping an eye on the future of telecommunications, P2 is recognized through the industry as an innovator. It’s no wonder the man loves JetSmarter. It’s a match made in heaven, or maybe just at 4,000ft high in the sky.

Mr. Patchett specializes in the consulting needs of multi-location customers and benefits from the interpersonal aspect of sharing a jet with passengers who often sit comfortably, and conveniently, in this demographic. This, and the time-saving flexibility of flying private with JetSmarter make our shuttles the logical way to go.

Time flies. Unless you fly faster, that is. And with JetSmarter, Mr. Patchett flies beyond; beyond your run-of-the-mill commercial booking process, beyond New York City gridlock traffic by way of complimentary JetSmarter helicopter transfers to the airport, beyond nightmarish airport crowds, beyond never-ending security check-point lines, and ultimately beyond typical commercial travel time. When flying coast-to-coast on our Citation X JetShuttle™, Mr. Patchett saves a good hour just in flight speed. This helps him roll back time, relax and enjoy his trip.

Interestingly enough, it was on a recent flight to LA that Patchett had the chance to meet a certain movie producer-Nascar driver-stunt man for what ultimately meant friendship between them. He was happy to share with us the tremendous value in forging these relationships; evidently it has also helped him to expand his esteemed business clientele.

On a lighter note, Bill will be flying many of his friends on JetSmarter for a fitful jet-away to Key West this November.

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