Stamford, Connecticut, November 18, 2015 – P2 telecom reported today that CEO William J. “Bill” Patchett participated in The SMART Ride (, a 165-mile bicycle trek from Miami to Key West, raising $4,000 for charity. The event, held November 13-14, 2015, is an annual bicycle ride fundraiser in which 100% of proceeds go to benefit AIDS service organizations. The event as a whole raised over $900,000 in 2015.

The SMART Ride’s mission, according to its website, is to raise money to benefit seven Florida agencies, some of which provide housing for people all across the state of Florida who would otherwise be homeless living with HIV & AIDS. The organization helps send children and adults affected by HIV and AIDS to camp. It also funds several thousand bus passes annually, thereby giving people access to health care, medication, pharmaceuticals, social services, and more. The money raised has helped over 28 AIDS service organizations around Florida meet the needs of their clients.

Participants in The SMART Ride can designate which charity receives their donation. P2 telecom chose to support the Children’s Diagnostic & Treatment Center (CDTC- for the fifth year in a row. Established in 1983 as the follow-up program of Florida’s Regional Perinatal Intensive Care Center system, the CDTC has grown to be one of the largest children’s agencies in south Florida, serving over 10,000 children and youth annually. The Center’s Comprehensive Family AIDS Program (CFAP) serves over 1500 families directly impacted by the HIV pandemic. P2 telecom has donated over $20,000 to the CDTC over the past five years.

Patchett said, “The SMART Ride is an event the P2 telecom team looks forward to every year. To bike 165 miles with 500 other riders is a feat all its own, but combine that with the breathtaking scenery from Miami to The Florida Keys, and the knowledge that you are helping those less fortunate, and you have an experience that you’ll remember for a lifetime. We never miss it.”


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